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Hello, and welcome to my bio page. I realized that you all probably had the chance to read my Story, but you didn't really know much about the real me. So I decided to set myself up a bio page.

I am a mom of 3 beautiful children! I am married to the most wonderful man I have ever met in my entire life, well with the exception of my Dad! I grew up in Oak harbor Ohio, and made a life for myself in Port Clinton, Ohio for about 9 years. I then moved to Greenfield, In, and lived there for 7 years.

After my first husband left, I and my children moved to Texas. And I have been here ever since. I love Texas, and I can't see myself leaving here anytime soon! It is absolutely gorgeous here in the Fall and spring.

I have many hobbies in which I enjoy immensely. Web page design, writing my poetry, designing web graphics, collecting shot glasses, and one of the most important, spending time with my family. I was also a small hobby breeder of Chinchillas, something I have been striving towards for nearly 6 years, but now we have closed our doors and have only a few chinchillas. It has been an incredible adventure, and very rewarding. You may visit Chintasia, and read all about it!

I started really designing web pages in 1998, and it has been quite a ride. I taught my self HTML, and have enjoyed it ever since. As far as poetry goes, I have been writing since in my teenage years, and I even draw pretty well, but the poetry is the stronger of the two. Graphics design, is a very strong hobby of mine. I'd be lost without my Paint Shop Pro. I learn something new everyday. I have been collecting shot glasses for quite some time now. I have a fairly decent collection of them, but always look for the unusual ones. Spending time with my family is by far the most important. We spend time playing outside, going shopping, bike riding, walks, and we like to go to the park.

Due to circumstances out of our control, we could not keep all the pets that we had originally. It was very sad to see most of our ferrets go, but you can go here to still find pictures of all the pets that we did have. They will all be forever in my heart. We still have many pets in our household,A lab/heeler mix named Dixie, a lab/ pit mix named Cyrus, a cat named Bandit, 2 wonderful ferrets named Blaze and Taylor Bear, and have 5 chinchillas, named Bonnie, Clyde, Nickie, Raistlin, and Dylan.

My likes:
Honest people, romance, people with good, true, hearts. Good books and movies. I like just about all music except for opera.

The way a person presents himself tells me alot about the person. If they can display their hearts, honesty, and genuine love of life, then I usually can open up to them. And we can have a wonderful friendship. I am all for romance. If you have a man in your life who can cuddle up with you, or grab ahold of you and give you that kiss that makes the stars spin then you got a pretty good man. I like a man to be able to tell me everything, or a man who can actually cry. I like a man who can just one day come home with flowers in his hand for me. And I have that man in my life. I guess as far as good hearted people goes, I figure if they can wear their hearts on their sleeves as I do, then they have a good heart. No, just kidding on that one.

My dislikes:
Liars, organized religion, activists and heartless people.

I absolutely can't tolerate someone who lies. I have been involved with several people who have lied to me, and the end result would be a broken heart. Well now if someone lies to me, I know better than to stick around. I walk away instead.

Religion can be good, as long as you don't take it to extremes, just my opinion. Sure share the word of God, but be respectful enough to walk away if someone says they have their own beliefs. I am my own person, I know what I believe, and I live for Christ, so I don't need someone else telling me how to live my life. That is decided between the person themselves, and God.

Heartless people really turn my stomache. People like the backstabbers, and abusers of both human and animal. The list goes on and on. There are less and less people with heart in this world. That is why I say, if I can make a difference, or touch one person, then I know I am fullfilling my purpose in life. We all need a good friend in our life.

I really can't take some of the activists there are in the world, some do not know how to handle themselves tactfully, whether it be people or animal related. Someone always seems to get hurt in the end, and in those cases the activists go along saying "Oh well it was all for our cause". Wait a minute-- You blew up a building and several died, and that is ok for your cause? I don't think so! Or you went to a laboratory and released all the animals into the world, so now they will all die anyway, but it ok because it was for a cause? No way, I don't think so. I believe that it is important to have animal shelters, and to have spay and neuter programs, and foster programs, but it is not ok to hurt people or animals just in support of a cause. It is ok to believe in something, just don't take it to the point of hurting someone or something.

Well not much more to tell you about myself, and my family. But enough for you to get an idea of where I am today in my life. If you would like to read a little more about my life, then visit My Story. Thanks so much for stopping by. :)

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