Sung by Crystal Gayle
Between the pages of a well worn book
Is where your rose lies, it's where I look
When I want a memory of days gone past
Yet still a love, that eternally lasts

God keeps us both in the fold of his wing
He keeps us near, and He'll watch everything
'Till the day that we meet at heavens bright door
Where love lives forever and tears flow no more

Apart, yet close together, never that far
Still firm on the pathways wherever we are
A thin veil hangs between your heart and mine
Beating unmercifully, together, in time

Sometimes I hunger to see your sweet face
We're both part of God's own human race
Often I wonder... of the powers that be
If He hears my heart, and if He hears my plea

But until that time, when we meet and kiss
I 'll keep the faith, and submit to sweet bliss
Though separate we are, together we stand
Holding each other in the palm of His hand

Poem written by Susan Kahon
Saturday , September 23, 2006
copyright, used only with permission

based on feelings within my heart
and wishes in my soul

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