As she sits wondering what is going through his mind,
Wondering what tomorrow may bring.
Into her thoughts so deeply as a tear falls down her cheek
thinking how did we come to this,
He loved me so at one time.
Looking down she see her reflection in the water,
Seeing the sadness on her face when she thinks of him.
Now she just sits here wondering why what did I do
or say to make him not to want to be in love me anymore.<
Thoughts going deeper now the tears flowing thinking
should I just let go to the hopes give up my dreams of us.
She feels so alone,
A heart that once felt so full of love
now feels so empty without him.
How could this be once so much in love
now the heartache takes over and yesterday was just a memory
Why does love just all of sudden dies
dries up like a rose,
That was once so beautiful fully blossom
then one day as the petals falls the beauty is gone.
Why she thinks how could this be,
Confusion still overwhelming her.
Then she realize that it's time to walk away
to learn to be without him,
With all of the love she still feels for him inside of her.
But she sees all of the signs that he's leaving
that he's doesn't feel the same way as he did before.
Fighting with her heart knowing
she must do the right thing,
Looking down at the ground
so many thoughts so much pain
where she can't breathe
taking deep breaths she knows what she must do.
Confront him and tell him what she is feeling,
But is she ready for his answers
will her whole world be shattered with his words when he tells her his feelings have change.
Or will she have known it was coming
and knew he would leave soon,
But she had to hear it from him.
And to see him this last time to say goodbye
to someone she has loved more than herself
with one more kiss she walks away with her tears flowing
and her heart is broken,
She knew he wanted it this way
so she lets him go,
Now she will have to learn to be without him
and try to go on with her life.

You can see it in her eyes,
You can see it in her face.
She has been through much in her life
But she still believes in fate.

At times she feels alone,
at times she feels weak
At times she cannot bear all
Pain she has endured, but
she refuses to let her self sink..

Into the depths of sorrow,
anger, rage or pain.
Life is too short
to even live in such a game.

She will show her strength
Her courage to fight.
to over come this battle
of something that just
can't change over night

Life is not easy,
she has learned this well.
But strength comes from within one
Who wants to succeed not fail.

When she takes that step, down the path of life.
She will search her heart
and her soul to find
That light.

That light of happiness
That shines right thru.
Its awaiting for her
its destined to be true.

For she has faith...
All the strength that she needs
No matter what comes her way.
Happiness awaits her, she believes.