Always With Me

Your love is always with me, even when I sleep at night
My dreams are filled with memories , of ecstasy and delight
Your touch burns like an ember, deep inside of me
Consuming every breath I take, my thoughts and memories

You held me in your arms and touched me tenderly
Filling me with passion that no one else can see
Your lips bring sweet desire and magic in the night
Lips that make my body quiver, shake with such delight

Your fingers trace my body and leave me breathless with desire
I feel your breath upon me and deep inside a fire
Your lips against my skin, searching every part of me
Touching deep inside my soul and finding mystery

Flames of fire reach out to me and hold me in their grasp
Touching every part of me, the passion makes me gasp
Deep inside the ocean , a mystery of delight
My arms are empty without you, I'm missing you tonight