I've Found My Peace

I've Found My Peace

I've hidden alone away from the world
Over these last few days.
Doing some deep soul-searching
Thinking back on my life and my ways.

I've suffered many years of sorrow
Survived through heartache and pain.
Always searching for the sunshine
That might peek through the clouds and rain.

I've had passing loves in my lifetime
Some lifted me high with their song.
Yet I let them influence my thinking
Even though I knew it was wrong.

I've allowed emotions to rule me
Not often listening to my mind.
My own doing has let others hurt me
Searing my soul with words so unkind.

Then I thought of all the good things
That have embedded so deep in my heart.
A wonderful Son, good health and a home
And a chance to make a fresh start.

So as I sat here silently remembering my life
Contentment slowly settled over me at last.
In my dwindling years I've found my peace
Finally I can let go of the past.


Sometimes it takes being alone and really thinking deeply
of all the times in your life, both good and bad, to really
find peace and contentment. When you can honestly face
yourself and take the responsibility for your own actions,
you have made a major step towards any new decisions
that must be made. And have the chance for
total happiness that all of us need.


Song playing..."A New Day Has Come"
by Celine Dion