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Sung By Norah Jones
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"Come Away With Me"
This is another song by Norah Jones,whose vocal style I like very much. This song is called "Come Away With Me"..a woman calling her lover to go away with her and find peace.
"My Personal Sin"
From The Poetry Collection of Susan Jane Kahon
The man I met was a simple story..
I asked him to come find my heart
He was full of such glory, all his own..
But for reasons we stayed apart

I let him inside my hindered life..
He must have thought that I was insane
But I wanted him there, and begged him to stay
So into my life, he came

Love is an anchient and endless emotion
It dates back to Egyptian kings...
And when you have this special affection
What a powerful moment it brings...

Some say it's love. others say sex..
But the blending of both's a connection..
That steps over boundaries, far and wide
And has only one single direction

He gave me a passion,and gave me his gift
The gift of his personal pride..
I felt him become ..one within me
When first he entered inside

I would do anything for him, now...
He's the receiver, and I love to give...
This love, which God had given to me..
Is all that I need to live......

I Inhaled him as if he were my last breath
And when I exhaled, he stayed deep within
So much a part of my body is he..
He's become my personal sin...

written by Susan Kahon
January 17 2003
Susan's Poetry In Motion.com
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