As the full moon shines brightly on the beach
A lone man walks slowly looking out over the ocean
As if searching for something or someone
Like magic a shadow appears from the lush green
It is his love... the woman he searches for
Their eyes meet and lock in a look of deep love
She smiles a soft inviting smile at him
His eyes shine admiring her beauty
Their latin blood warms as they move towards one another
Finally meeting, embracing, swaying to the beat
Of the soft romantic music in the distance
The ocean helping the serenade with the waves
pounding on the sandy shore
They dance...entwining them selves in each other
Their lips barely touching at first as they sway to the music
Like two beautiful palm trees on a tropical isle
As the music fades they melt into the sand
their lust taking over their bodies with passion
The moon disappears behind a cloud
as if to give the lovers privacy
A breeze carries their voices through the night …
Just a soft whisper…Te quiero amor mio ..Te quiero
Te quiero mi amo.....

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