Sultry vocalist and pianist Norah Jones developed her own unique blend of traditional jazz and vocal pop with hints of bluesy country and contemporary folk due in large part to her upbringing. Born March 30, 1979 in New York City, the daughter of Ravi Shankar quietly grew up in Texas with her mother. During high school Norah Jones won the Downbeat Best Student Music Awards for best jazz vocalist award and Best Original Composition in 1996 and earned a second award in 1997.Although she went to college, eventually the lure of The coffeehouses and jazz clubs proved to be too strong, and she had an urge to write her own music. Jones signed to Blue Note Music  in 2001, and on the strength of her recordings...made her debut. Jones mixes 70's singer/songwriter-style tracks with blues, country, and her own mellow take on piano jazz.
"Poem Of Love"
You are the mirror of my soul
The reflection of my poet's mind
All my thoughts, and dreams, so whole
Are here on paper, blessed to find

Tonight I'll be your darling sweet..
I hear the nightbird's wistful call
I'll give you all my love, complete..
My poetic words, reach out to all

My warmest thoughts, are now reflected
The poems I share, are strong and deep
My words, recorded, now detected
As we lie together, fast asleep

These poems I've planted, with a sigh
Like seeds in earth's own fertile ground
We'll love each other, 'till we die
Until a brand new poem, is born

written by Susan Jane Kahon
June 2 2004

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