webfriendship <BGSOUND SRC="http://www.geocities.com/linda50ish/specialone.mid" LOOP=INFINITE>

Although we are miles apart
in so many ways.
My heart feels so close
to you, my dearest web friends...
So many people upholding one another
Friendships on the web
People who do not share these
Laugh when it is said
Oh, how I love this sister...
and how I love this brother
People loving people via internet

They cannot believe we can
But, we can feel each other thru our words
Sending cards and such
People caring, people sharing
To us, it means so much
Sisterhood so close on here
You'd think we all were related
Maybe some of our long lost relatives
(Giggle)..actually mated

I give thanks most every day
To the people who make my world
By turning on a button
You find these guys and gals
All sharing the same passion
Webaholics, are we
But, happy about the things we do
Feeling, even if we do not see.
And to think some of us actually meet
Boy, is that a thrill.
Seeing the faces, going places
Such a special deal

So, this is a toast to web friendship
Kindly raise up your glass
To toast the internet for bringing us all
To wherever we meet or pass

Some of my finest moments
Have been howling my face off at jokes
Being ribbed, being played....
so many wonderful folks
We hold in our hearts so many things
It is a blessing to share and care
Especially for our really close friends
A treasure to have you there
People who light a candle for you
In your times of need
People who share their cards and pages
Are of the finest breed
Not the least to mention,
Many of us are spirited free

So, toasting you and glad for you
You really make my da y
Web Friends are the best, indeed
All special in your own unique way!
Author Unknown