Because Of You

Because Of You

I stood wavering on the threshold
Of loneliness and despair.
Thinking back on many long years
When I had no love to share.

The miles stretched empty behind me
The road ahead seemed dreary and blue.
I had no reason to carry on
Until the day when at last I found you.

Because of you, my days are now brighter
I see rainbows shimmer through the light.
When sadness reaches out to overtake me
Your smile makes everything right.

Now I look forward with hope to my future
As I journey on through every season.
My soul now shines with happiness
And joy because you are the reason.


For many of us, sadness and despair can follow through the years,
leaving no hope to lean on.
Many times we stand on the brink of totally giving up.
But hope is there waiting for the chance to
show us there is reason to go on.
We only have to keep a smile in our hearts and trust in fate.
Happiness can be found if we truly believe.


Song playing....You Are The Reason
by Celine Dion