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Luvs Whispers
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Becoming Us

Becoming us...a path so beautiful Paul, that it can take our breath away and yet, a gift so rare that we can not refuse, deny or shun…so let's join our hands and let each day become a new and wondrous step into a world that only we can share...a place where we can find the beauty of our hearts and know the joining of two souls…So many "if's" but Paul, the answers can be "yes". We can have whispers soft, yet all can be heard & dreams can be met, desire can b a gentle place for our arms to hold and passion's truth can surely find its crowning ecstasy. So, My Love, with no hesitation …I offer you my modest gift of heartfelt words and with those thoughts I add my heart and soul without invitation to a journey sweet, that finds its answers between you and I.....Jan

Written and Designed By Luvs For Paul