Before It's Too Late  





Too often we don't realize

what we have until it's gone

Sometimes we wait far too long

to say, "I'm sorry ...I was wrong"



 Why do we hurt the ones

that is closest to our heart?

Why do we allow our pride

to keep tearing us apart?



  I wonder if you think of me

when couples are strolling along,

And do you ever hurt inside

when you hear our favorite song?



  And when it's very quiet

as you sit there all alone...

Do you remember my number

when you look over at the phone?



  What you wear in your heart,

will show upon your face,

Because memories of a true love,

can never be replaced.



  I pray we will not leave this world

before saying what's in our heart.

For life is short enough we know,

to let pride keep us apart.



I feel these words I must say,

no longer can I wait.

My voice must be heard today,

"Before It's Too Late"



Ruth Ann Mahaffey

ęCopyright, July 2002








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