Between The Moon And You

Bits of past life
And pieces of old love
No longer wanted
All flying above.

Nothing to savor
No need to hold on.
Watch it floating
...All of it gone.

If only it were that easy
To throw old memories away.
But no matter how much I try
They keep coming back to stay.

I think I must have an angel
Catching my memories in flight.
She must think my heart still wants them
And returns them to me each night.

Still... I continue to do this
Toss all the old stuff away.
But every time I throw them out
They turn up again at the end of the day.

Once again I tore everything up
And threw them into the wind.
A rainbow of bits and pieces
Flew up to where heaven begins.

I had a glimpse of that angel
Catching them one by one it seems.
She must have put them back together
And returned them into my dreams.

Bits and pieces scattered here and there
Finding their way to my heart again.
I suppose the memories will never leave me
Until my journey ends.

Tracey Lawrence

"Somewhere Between The Moon And You"