The darkness and the cold,
It vanished from the land
The day I found you, darling..
And held your loving hand

From that moment,on...
My heart, it blazed with light
A bit of darkness left my soul
Because of your delight

With that light, a fire rose
And cleared the dreary skies..
The sky appeared in shades of blue
To match your lovely eyes

I saw your eyes grow warmer, then..
And you fell into a hush
You brushed your lips on mine
Your face a tinted blush

I often dream of what could be...
And I'll journey many miles
To capture all the love I can
From your laughter and your smiles

You tiptoe into my heart
You breathe warmth into my chest
The icy cold melts in the earth
And in my dreams... you rest


I had a beautiful dream, I wanted to share
I saw your face, and I wanted you there.....
I asked the wind to bring you, today..
And I asked the stars, to show you the way

For without your precious love, I'd die for sure
There's no greater pain, that I'd have to endure..
I'm just a plain and simple little poet
My pen is my sword, I just want you to know it....

Every word that I write....I bring you to me
In my own little world, you're all that I see..
You've changed my life, by far for the better
I've written about it, and I've kept every letter

The words are powerful, that I choose to write
For in making a poem, you're brought into sight
The look in your eyes, the smile on your face
I bring you to life, with my own style and grace

At night I wait 'till stars have fallen down
It's then that I know, I can bring you around
I send you a letter, tell you of my desire
Then I bring you to me ..igniting your fire...

Tonight, I'll beckon to you..from my silken room
While the whipporwill sings his nocturnal tune
And my tears will  dissolve in the sweet, silver rain
As I breathe you in, and love you again