Into the mist I did wander,

for yearnings that bear the heart.

Out of loneliness comes the magic,

that allows the secret veil to part.


Upon my bed of velvet blue roses,

remembrances play out in my mind.

Fragment pieces of images left to me,

circulating through a silent life time.


When your eyes softly close,

envision I am there with you.

Even now as I lie here alone,

our poetic worlds collide into.


I want to lay you down,

on fallen petals of blue roses.

Starkness wrappings left behind us,

enveloped in what this love imposes.


Let the day, just fade away,

bring the darkness of the night.

Then in wilderness I may walk,

among the grace of eminent light.


As into the mist I will wander,

for the yearnings that bears all hearts.

Out of loneliness comes the magic,

until the secret veil lifts and departs.


We all have things we wish we had not
done or said...once a deed is done...once
A careless word spoken..once a heart is
broken...it can never be erased...we may
be forgiven but it will forever be burned
into the heart of our loved one...

Created & Designed By Luvs