Song Playing is called
"When A Man Loves A Woman"

Broken Trust

I remember that we really did trust one another
we told of never lying or deceiving,
Of speaking openly and always believing,
Why did you lie to me?

You first wife hurt you so deeply
all the time another man she was keeping,
Lying to you to keep you from believing,
that very soon she would be leaving.
I too had the same thing happen to me,
We vowed to be true never believing.
That you would lie to me.

It wasn't the little fibs that all of us tell
to cover the pain that might be caused there,
You lied to me for a whole year!
The first lie I caught you at,
how could I trust you after that?
Why did you lie to me?

You went on and on as days
and years went by
I knew you were telling me a lie.
The lie would come forth
and then in dismay.
I would hear a story
behind the lie,
So convincing you thought
you were so sly,
why did you lie to me?

So you ask me now why did I go?
How could I do this to you?
You did it to yourself I can now see,
When you destroyed my trust,
By lying to me.

The Broken Lady