His thoughts , they rest upon her face
In dreams she knows him all too well
Distance...has no meaning, now
When secrets, in the mind do dwell

Time has been their saving grace
As the sea washes heartprints, ashore
Her heart, it aches with love for him
She embraces him, in sleep once more

She feels his kiss, a whisper, soft
Her spirit soars.. like eagle's wings
She speculates,.... their future, now
They'll walk this life as just one being

She calls his name through clouds
May the time pass quickly by...
As the mist rolls down her  cheeks
To take away her lustful cry....

Copyright Susan Jane Kahon
ICYU April 9. 2005
All rights reserved

Laura Branigan died August 26, 2004 at the age of 47 of a brain aneurysm in her sleep.
God Bless You, Laura.

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