You Can't Take It With You When You Go

You Can't Take It With You When You Go

I remember no battle yet I seem to have lost the war,

times I swept through the valley, times that I did soar.

What did I so failed to do which caused you to leave my side,

like majestic waves of the oceans carrying out the tide.

Did I not show my love so you felt that you could not stay,

was it that same deep love which simply drove you away.

I am truly uncertain just how all of this has come to be,

now suddenly somehow I find, I am alone with only me.

The memories that do haunt me, my name I hear you call,

hanging there like a whisper like the coat upon the wall.

I will not know your touch nor the heart you gave so free,

it seems that all of this escapes me as this is my destiny.

Though I may never say that we were one and you were mine,

still I give to you my heart now lost in love forever entwined.

Long way back to where I came from unsure that I can even go,

many questions still linger within me of answers I shall never know.