Carousel Dreams




 Carousel Dreams
And little girl schemes
Of all life's stages
Is what you'll find in my pages.

Some are sweet
Some are neat
A few are bad
And many are sad.

Some meanings are hidden
And some are forbidden
Others are hard to find
You'll have to read my mind.

But the words have been spoken
No matter how lost or broken.
They speak of dreams and fantasy
Some are still a mystery.

If you enter... You enter my heart
You'll see deep inside - you'll feel every part.
On my pages my life is well known
But my soul is Gods and mine alone.

So I welcome you to my Carousel Dreams
To my wishes and hopes and all that it means
They're sad, happy, funny, real and all of them true.
I've laughed and I've cried and I'm making it through.

One thing you will find
As you read each line
Is how much I Love Life, Family and Friends too
And these words from my heart...

I Love You




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June 25, 2002

updated April 9, 2003

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