"Close To You.."
Traditional Songs by wonderful, creative performers
Performed by Burt Bacharach and Barenaked Ladies..Live!!!!!!!
This poem is a poem of longing to be close to a person you deeply love..and of the feelings that go along with it..It is a special poem...a poem of feelings and longing
Any Burt Bacharach Song is a favorite of mine.The man is a genius at writing love songs!!
The longing to be close to you
Is just a part of love I know
But every cloud whispers your name
And the sun follows wherever you go

Everywhere I look around
There's sweet memories of when we met
No Unfamiliar
Such beauty,I cannot forget

You opened wide, the windows of my heart
You planted love inside so deep
You're always fresh within my mind
And in my dreams sleep

Anytime I call you to my mind
Images  that you've become to me
Suddenly my world is brighter...
Your sweet love is my security.....

The empty sidewalks in the street
Echo loneliness for a few
But in the windows of my heart
I 'm not alone.. there's room for you

Yet I know, when night does come for me
And all those lonely shadows fall
The curtains of my windows part
And in you come..I take you all

The vibrant colors of the night
No darkness prevails when you're around
The nighbird sings outside the pane
And we speak our love..without a sound

When the moon disappears
Into the clouds.. with jaded glow
The world can all stay gone tomorrow
But I dont want go

I Love You

Written by Susan Jane Kahon
July 15 2002
10:02 pm

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