"Cold, Cold Heart"
My daughter Jane found Nora Jones for me..I am doing several pages on her because she sings the old classics.Here is her version of Hank Williams"Cold, Cold, Heart"Please enjoy the graphics of the lonely expectant bride by Sweet Dreams, and of course my poem.
"The Messenger Of My Love"
From the poetry collection of Susan Jane Kahon
The messenger of my love
You state your love so bold....
How can you warm my heart each day
And chase away the cold?

Who are you now, Are you in disguise
Oh Darling, tell me please
Each day I wake and all I have...
Are sweet, sweet memories

My love, you caress everything..
Heart, body, soul, and mind
So engrossed in you am I....
I've lost all sense of time

Yet, some days you turn and walk away
And the tears flow from your eyes
Don't turn away from me again..
For I offer paradise...

As I lay so close to you
My cells feel you, so alive...
Our eyes lock into each other..
And our bodies take the ride

I am the tranquil, silent moon
You are the turbulent, firey sun...
You are the unspoken God of love
I am the peaceful one

I wait for you, and I get weak...
In your face , there's such confusion
Darling , I'm going to fall apart
If you're only my heart's illusion

For I really love you..

written by Susan Jane Kahon January 19 2003
Sung By Nora Jones
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