~*~*The Connection*~*~ <BGSOUND SRC="">

I feel the connection can you?
Its so strong so powerful and all fo you.
My heart aches for you as I think of you looking into my eyes.
To see deep inot your soul is a dream of mine.
I can close my eyes and feel you..hear you.. know that you are there.
I feel you touch my face as I let out my tears.
Hold me and don't let go.
I need you more than ever don't you know?
Never have I felt this before. I think its something rare in life and some are lucky to ever know.
I look for answers but still so lost.
Tring to find my way thru this powerful force.
Emotions run thru me till they enter my soul.
That's our connection right there.
The love we know.
So deep so true. Its all for you.
Can't turn away from something like this.
This chance in this lifetime is something I cannot miss.
Feeling the pain of being apart
I sit here with a broken heart.
The laughs, the giggles, the sigh's our needs.
all that we share
It can't just be a dream.
Its all so real and all so strong.
Something I have known all along.
I found you and you found me.
Let our souls stay connected so
we can unite.
To share our love in this life.
*I Love You*
Written by Savanaha28

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